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At Coastal Performance, we’ve brought together tour-proven experts and technology along with manufacturer relationships to become the complete solution for your game.  Trackman 4 Hitting Bay, KCoach/KVest/KPlayer 3D Biomechanical Swing Analysis and Biofeedback Training, Putting Lab, Massage and Physical Therapy; it’s all here.  Our team has decades of experience working with players at all levels and on all Major Tours.

These days everyone’s promising more yardage off the tee.  However, it’s difficult to offer a solution without knowing being able to precisely identify the problem.  Our power evaluation process will pick out what’s holding you back from longer drives and design a program to get you hitting last into every green.

A lot of work goes into a well-designed and implemented training program.  We’ve engineered our unique exercise program and feedback systems to give you the attention and customization of high-end private training without the price.

We offer personal training  group classes, and pro training sessions. A pro training session is a personalized program given to you each time you schedule a workout. We have trainers on the floor to watch for correct movement patterns, form, to answer any question, and to motivate each individual that walks through our doors.



TPI Certified Golf Performance Team

Body Alignment and Movement Foundation Analysis

Top 50 Golf Trainers in America 2019 and 2020

K-vest/K-Coach/K-Player Certified Team ( K-Vest Evaluations available)


Our team is more than just fitness coaches. We’ve assembled experts and technology from golf instruction, massage and physical therapy, and more to provide the most cohesive and holistic experience you’ll ever have in a gym.


Coastal isn’t about a trendy class or “special” type of workout. We are about helping people change and delivering results, and have been since 2010. Coaching our clients doesn’t end on the training floor; we’re providing support and resources so they’re on point 168 hours a week.


Not everyone wants a trainer screaming through a headset at them, or standing over them holding a clipboard. We build your workouts and training sessions in the manner where YOU can be most successful with a friendly, motivating, and supportive vibe.

Stephen Sweeney (Putting Coach/ Biomechanical Analysis Expert):  Biomechanical putting analysis using high-speed cameras, force platforms and computers and is a leading biomechanist working with European Tour Golfers.

Denny Lucas (Swing Coach): Denny played tournaments for 18 years on the European Tour, Challenge Tour, Asian Tour, Australasian Tour, South African (Sunshine) Tour, South American Tour and one Tour event. Teaching is based on my interest in how the swing works in elite players and how the body moves in an athletic way. I am Kelvin Miyahira Golf Certified, Swing Catalyst certified, FRCms, TPI certified and Gray Institute Foundations certified.



Trackman Studio: Trackman tracks the full trajectory of any shot, pinpointing the landing position. The technology also displays the shot’s 3D trajectory together with 26 impact and ball flight parameters in real time.

K-Motion/K-Vest/K-Player: K-Motion is the industry leader in wireless, human motion learning. K-Motion empowers coaches to provide their athletes with better, and more precise feedback. Through the use of the K-vests feedback mechanisms, your trainer will be able to develop their athletes faster while helping them cultivate a stronger mind/body relationship.

The company combines industry leading sensor accuracy with never before seen software features in a highly reliable, easy to use product that helps top golf coaches, baseball coaches, movement and fitness specialists and physical therapists.

K-Motion works with seven of the Top Ten on the Golf Digest Top Teachers List, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League teams, world-renowned fitness coaches and physical therapists as well as Olympic athletes.

Putting Studio: Practice and perfect your putting skills with one of our coaches in Coastal’s putting room



Recover with Coastal’s state of the art recovery technology: Normatec Boots, R3 Massage Gun

Kim Haven (Physical Therapist): PT, DPT, MTC, TPI Certified

Jessica Owens (Massage Therapist): Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Sports, Prenatal, Oncology, Healing Touch, Chair, and more!