FAQ: Procedures While Social Distancing

  1. BUNKER RAKES: With no bunker rakes available until local / state authorities allow them back on the course; How do I navigate and play from bunkers during competition?
    • USGA has released guidance specifically for this Rules situation.
    • Local Rule – Preferred Lies in Bunkers: The player may lift, clean, and place the ball within 1 club length in accordance with the current PBCGA lift clean and place policy.
    • Care for the Course: Players are encouraged to smooth the area of the bunker that they played from with their foot prior to exiting the bunker.
  2. FLAGSTICK: When around the putting green what can I expect when holing out? How should I proceed around the hole and the flagstick?
    • The ball must be holed in accordance with the rules of golf.
    • Holes will be filled or adapted to allow for easy ball retrieval
      • It is our recommendation that the hole is not filled with any material to the extent that it restricts the golf ball from falling into the hole.
      • Limiting Touch Points: Flagsticks should not be touched for any reason.
    • If a player accidentally removes the flagstick before or after the ball is at rest, there is no penalty.
    • If the player purposefully removes the flagstick, it could result in a breach of the code of conduct and penalty(s) may apply.
  3. HANDLING EQUIPMENT: What should I expect when it comes to arriving and departing the golf course and the handling of my equipment?
    • Players must handle their own golf bags upon arrival and departure until further notice.
    • Specific facility policies will be handled on a course by course basis.
  4. FIELD SIZES: Why are the field sizes limited by number of players and divisions? Why are some tournament fields smaller than others?
    • Due to current restrictions the fields will be limited due to several factors.
    • The number of carts available at each facility varies and will be a factor in determining field sizes.
    • Due to the limitations on gatherings and to increase social distancing we are required to conduct events as 1 or 2-tee-starts.
    • Shotgun fields are not currently permitted.
  5. WAITLISTS: How does PBCGA manage Registrations and waitlists?
    • Registration is on a First come first Served basis
    • Dues Paid Members will receive Preference on entry
    • Fields are not only limited by overall size but also division to maximize playing opportunities
  6. HYDRATION: Since water and fruit will not be provided on the course can I bring a personal cooler?
    • Players are encouraged to bring their own water for proper hydration.
    • Restrictions are lifted for personal coolers.
    • On-course water stations may be used if you bring your own cup and it’s allowed by authorities or the hosting facility.
  7. PPE: Am I required to wear PPE? (Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Gloves)
    • Players are requested to bring their own sanitizers and masks.
    • PPE will NOT be a requirement for players, however it is STRONGLY encouraged that players have PPE on-hand during times when social distancing is not possible (i.e. weather delays and evacuation)
    • It is the players’ responsibility to bring their own PPE.
  8. WARM-UP: I have a set Warm-up routine before my round, what adjustments may have to be made and what time can I arrive at the course?
    • Players must not arrive more than one (1) hour before their official starting time.
    • If players arrive more than one (1) hour prior to their tee time, they must stay in their vehicle.
    • Practice facilities may be open but are restricted to 50 or less people practicing strict social distancing.
    • Please note that concessions will not be made for a player who is late.
  9. RAIN DELAYS: How will rain delays be handled while social distancing?
    • Specific facility policies will be handled on a course by course basis.
    • If no area is available to shelter in place/evacuate with adequate social distancing.
    • Players may be asked to shelter in their vehicles (short delays).
    • Rain delays may be limited to a set duration of time.
    • Communication and announcements will continue to be sent via text message.
  10. SKINS GAME: Will there be a skins game? If there is no physical registration before the round how can I participate?
    • Skins Game will be cashless until further notice.
    • Skins Game will be completed via Venmo ONLY.
    • Find us @PalmBeach-CountyGolf
    • Skins Game participation will ONLY be accepted prior to your starting time during the opening round.
    • Participation MUST be for the entire event.
    • Skins Participation Rule of Thumb – $10 per player per day
      • 36-hole event = $20 per player
      • 36-hole Team Events = $40 per team
      • 54-hole Team Events = $60 per team