10/11/15 Honda Classic Parent-Child @ Quail Ridge CC-South

Final Results Parent-Child

2015 The Honda Classic Parent Child Round 1 Results 13

 13 & Under
Team Gross
1Scott Butler and Bobby Butler65
2Mike Chouinard and Brenden Chouinard 66
3Cullen de Windt and Dylan de Windt70
4Nick Norman and Tyler Norman 71
5Tim Hanlon (Mayacoo) and MJ Hanlon72
George Mattson (Pine Tree) and Morgan Mattson 72
Roy Apple and Jake Apple72
8Jonathan Sauce (Biltmore) and Marcela Sauce 74
9Mike Marano and Ava Marano 75
10Terry Louis (Eastpointe) and Michael Louis 79
11Greg Letche and Alexia Letche80
12Dan Norman and Nick Norman Jr86
 14 & Older 
Team Gross
1James Mc Guigan (Medalist Golf Club) and James Mc Guigan Jr59
2Jared Meyers (Bear Lakes) and Stuart Meyers66
3Jeff Helfrich (Jupiter CC) and Jacob Helfrich68
Mike Brouillet and Phill Brouillet68
5Callum Brown (The Fox Club) and Alistair Brown69
6John Engh and Fred Engh70
7Bill Civitella (Aronimink Golf Club) and Kevin Civitella71
8Ryan Hamilton and Victor Hamilton74
Gared Conforti and Ryan Conforti74
10Bill Harvey and Miller Harvey77
Marc Haisfield and Andrew Haisfield77
12Dave Pfleegor and Preston Pfleegor85

Honda Classic Parent Child 

      Prize Distribution


  1. James & James Jr McGuigan $ 200
  2. Stuart & Jared Meyers        $ 125

T3. Mike & Phil Brouillet                                                $87.50

Jeff & Jacob Helfrich                                                       $87.50


13 & Under

  1. Scott & Bobby Butler          $200
  2. Mike & Brenden Chouinard $ 125
  3. Cullen & Dylan de Windt          $100


Closest to the Pin

Fred Engh  $50

Ava Marano  $50

Michael Louis $50