The club fitting process with TGC professionals means you will experience an advantage previously reserved for tour professionals. Whatever your age and ability, TGC’s prescription will optimize and enhance your personal performance.

Other club fitting companies choose to confuse and overwhelm golfers by offering thousands of head/shaft combinations. This process only acts to further complicate the decision-making process for the customer.
Our mission at The Golf Clinic is to eliminate confusion by streamlining the selection process and efficiently delivering a dynamic fitting experience to our customers.

The Golf Clinic is a full-service build & repair shop capable of handling all your club repair needs. The following services are available for walk-in customers:

• Loft & Lie Alterations
• Re-Gripping
• Re-Shafting (Shaft Spine)
• Shaft Cut Downs & Extensions
• Putter Bending

Golfers of all skill levels will benefit from a dynamic club fitting. Our technology and experience will ensure better accuracy, greater distance, and more consistency in your game.
Standard specifications don’t exist within the golf industry leading to inaccurate fittings at golf retail centers. The Golf Clinic professionals will customize and tailor your custom golf clubs to fit your personal swing. Our fitter will consider characteristics to prescribe custom clubs, ensuring maximum playability, lower scores, and greater enjoyment.
Our team will collect and record all pertinent data from your current clubs including each club’s length, loft, lie angle, CPM flex, bend point, and swing weight.

While hitting your current clubs we will measure and evaluate your unique swing characteristics. The fitter will capture statistics such as:

• Launch angle
• Swing speed
• Ball speed
• Spin rate (back & side)
• Carry distance
• Attack angle
• Dispersion

After reviewing your data, our fitter will select club head options and shaft profiles designed for you to achieve optimal launch conditions. We then test the head and shaft combinations while comparing results to your current clubs.

Once testing is complete and data evaluated, the fitter will make complete recommendations for each club in your bag.
Recommendations can be modified to fit your budget
Custom orders will require 7-14 business days for fulfillment.

TGC uses cutting edge technology to design and build each club to fit your unique swing characteristics.
Frequency Built
The Golf Clinic uses a state-of-the-art frequency analyzer to build each club in your set. By utilizing shaft frequency analysis, we can deliver the exact specifications you tested, into your custom-built clubs.
Yardage Specific
Custom built clubs benefit amateurs even more than professionals. Touring professionals know the exact yardage of each club in their bag and so should you. TGC purposely builds your clubs with target yardages in mind. Because no industry standards exist, stock clubs vary in length, loft, lie, and weighting. TGC professionals account for all variables in delivering your custom clubs

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